Monthly Archives: July 2012

ID cards to assist Voter Registration?

It has been suggested that ID cards would assist with the proposed change to  individual voter registration

I suspect that ID cards would only make a marginal improvement (I am sure that those who want to will be able to have more than one ID card etc. and signing up for the card would involve a process very similar to individual voter registration.) Continue reading

Broken Promises and the Westminster System

I can’t help but notice an occasional Labour refrain, “The Lib Dems are breaking their election promises” – admittedly, not quite as regularly as the Conservative refrain “The mess we were left with”.  Both should be dropped. Continue reading

Multi-seat Wards (English Election style)

Councils (in England – the Scots know better) have two main ways of electing their councillors (both using the dreaded “first past the post” method).:  “All-up elections” where every councillor is up for election, or “by thirds” where a third of the councillors are up for election each year – usually one councillor from each three-seat ward. Continue reading