ID cards to assist Voter Registration?

It has been suggested that ID cards would assist with the proposed change to  individual voter registration

I suspect that ID cards would only make a marginal improvement (I am sure that those who want to will be able to have more than one ID card etc. and signing up for the card would involve a process very similar to individual voter registration.)

If the advocates of ID cards really want something secure, they should insist on micro-chipping of all citizens (full strength technology). If we can do it to our dogs surely we can do it to our nearest and dearest. RFID type chips, in say the neck – fitted so that any disturbance destroys them (to prevent chip and ID theft), would allow instant identification (and tracking) of anyone by the police, election officials, triage nurses, and anyone else authorised by the state (Local Councils, Job Centre staff, Border Force staff, Club doormen, G$S Staff, etc. – the list of who could justify needing confirmation of ID is endless).

Voting machines could be able to instantly verify the voter by reference to the micro-chip (and give a little electric shock if you vote the wrong way – or spoil your vote). Spouses could even get court orders to reveal where their possibly errant spouses were on certain nights and the ID of any chip that was close to them. You might even be able to make Tazers “tune-able” such that they would only disable/kill the person whose identity was programmed into the gun. Data could also be shared with the Americans (speeding up border controls and air-travel) and sold to reduce the deficit. (Imagine the use a partnership of say Google and Tesco could make of that.).

The benefits are huge and the cost – well, that’s small if you have nothing to hide … You could even sell the technology to China, Burma, Zimbabwe etc. (Always assuming of course that this dear government does not out-source the IT contract to China.) I don’t know why it has not been done before.

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