Kicking the F’ing Tories

The Huffington Post (10 September 2014 Cameron Pleads With Scots Not To Choose Independence Just To ‘Kick The F-ing Tories’ – other citations are available) reports Cameron as saying:

“People can feel like it’s a bit like a general election. That you make a decision and five years later you can make another decision. If you’re fed up with the f-ing Tories give them a kick and then maybe we’ll think again. This is totally different,” he said.

The Conservative Party only has one MP in Scotland. Alex Salmond has had some success in framing the debate as a chance for Scots to never again be governed by the Tories.

It’s a pity he could not go one stage further and suggest that Scots stick with the union so that in May 2015 they could give the Tories a Glasgow Kiss as well as an f’ing good kicking.

Only he wouldn’t, he didn’t and he can’t.

The Conservatives only have one MP in Scotland, so no matter how unpopular they become it is very hard for most Scots to give them the kicking that so many of them believe they deserve.

Making such a suggestion would only highlight the decrepit state of Westminster Politics when compared to Holyrood Politics, where the Conservatives have a number of seats and therefore could, if deemed unpopular, be given a damned good kicking.

The difference of course is in election systems. Scotland has a PR system for Holyrood (not the system that this purist would like – but let that by) and Westminster does not.

A major benefit of a PR system is that if you gain popularity and votes, you gain seats; if you lose popularity and votes, you lose seats. It is a system that permits the f’ing Tories to get a good kicking.

Cameron and the Tories do not like such systems. So, possibly ironically, if Scots want to give the Westminster Tories an f’ing good kicking, what remaining option do they have?

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