First Past the Post and Referenda

The EU Remain/Leave Referendum campaign has been very quiet in my area – no leaflets through my door apart from a very early Leave rag (possibly not official) and so far only five posters in windows on my routes into town (3 leave, 2 remain).

So I am wondering why?

I think the reason is because political activity is pretty dead in my constituency (which has been Conservative since before the Franchise was equalised).

Labour put up a “paper candidate” at General Elections and the Liberals used to be a poor second, but since the 2015 General Election they have all but disappeared.

So, is the lack of activity in the Referendum a function of our electoral system – where in so many constituencies there is little purpose in having any political organisation?

Or is it a function of the poverty of the debate?

Is there a more active campaign “on the ground” in the marginal seats where the parties tend to have strong organisation?

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