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On-line voting

Do we really want to trust on-line voting? Continue reading

Worrying about the US & Elections in general

As we approach the US elections (tomorrow), I wonder what will decide it.

Who is the candidate best able to lead the USA (in the view of Americans – taking a wide view)?


  • Who wins the Electoral College?
  • Who wins the court battles?
  • Who wins the advertising war (a function of funding)?
  • Who wins the media battle where the media is deregulated and in places highly partisan?
  • Who is unable to vote because of last-minute “found” irregularities in their registration?
  • Who is unable to vote because voting out of working hours has been restricted?
  • Whose vote is not counted because the voting machine in certain districts did not properly cut out their chad?
  • Who is unable to vote because post-Sandy, there is no power for voting machines or polling stations are closed or moved?
  • Who is unable to vote because post-Sandy, they have more vital things to do?

Is this the best way to decide who leads the USA and, by definition, the Western World? Continue reading

ID cards to assist Voter Registration?

It has been suggested that ID cards would assist with the proposed change to  individual voter registration

I suspect that ID cards would only make a marginal improvement (I am sure that those who want to will be able to have more than one ID card etc. and signing up for the card would involve a process very similar to individual voter registration.) Continue reading